Friday, June 1, 2007

Is homosexuality an abnormality?

Dear Anytime Now,

Is homosexuality an abnormality?

Love Or Sex


Hello Love Or Sex!

I believe this is your second time to ask. Eager beaver you are. Anyway, to answer whether homosexuality is abnormal or not depends on how "normal" means. Though we all know what normal denotes, we need to isolate in which particular context of the word we are trying to relate it with homosexuality. Normal can be used in the biological sense, social, and heck, even spritual.

In the biological sense, there was a hypothesis in the late 60's that homosexuality is a "deviation from the common genetic structure of humans." If we define "normal" as those people having the same genetic structure that everybody else share, then YES, it is an abnormality... at least granted the premise given above. Homosexuality is an abnormality in one's genetic make up, causing the individual to bne attracted to those of the same bilogical orientation (AKA same sex).

However, gay rights activist expressed their disapproval towards this theory saying that homosexuality is not a disease contracted upon birth. Due to the loud, massive as well, movement against it, it gradually went silent until, eventually, it was totally ignored.

But from what I know, there had been researchers trying to resurrect this theory and claiming that granted the above claim, homosexuality can be prevented by removing the "GAY" gene upon birth. if not remove it, at least, it can be predicted at the time of pregnancy if a couple's child will turn out homosexual. They have not made any conclusion on this and they are still continuing their research.

In the social context of the word "normal", the society WAS (WAS being the operative word) not made and ready for a same-sex relationship. Every religion teaches of a union between man-woman to procreate. This is what normally happens. Anything beyond this is abnormal.

Personally, I think it is just a matter of nomenclature. What may be "abnormal" to others can just be "unusual" or "unconventional" in my eyes. In the ancient time, an eclipse was thought to be an abnormality in the sun's condition, leading the people to believe that it may have been swallowed bya dragon. Eventually, they figured out that it is a scientific astronomical phenomenon.

What I'm trying to say is, anything new, anything out of the ordinary can be called "abnormal" not until it has been fully accepted. I believe that eventually, the society will come to terms with the life that gay people live and the term "gay" or "homsexual" will no longer be used. Afterall, other than what we have between our thighs, everything else is the same, and SHOULD be the same.

As for homosexuality being a genetic condition, it CAN be true. I can never really tell as I am not a geneticist. I think those who protest against this claim isn't really against the idea of homosexuality being a gay condition but the use of the word "abnormal" to refer to their sexual orientation. Who would want to be called abnormal anyway?

I know some people who had a very hard time trying to accept their sexuality, and all the more making it be understood by the people around them. Due to this, these people value their "decision" to be gay a lot and they do not want to think that such "choice" that they made could have been avoided if a certain GAY GENE was removed from their bodies when they were young.

Being gay is very difficult because you have to prove a lot, not only to other people, but mostly to yourself. There is an urge to be, and do, what everybody else can to prove that you are just like the rest.

As I've said earlier, I can never tell if being gay is a genetic condition, but I hope that it is not. "Coz though life would've been less complicated if you were straight, you can never really say how things would have been granted that you were given the chance to make a choice.

Personally, I would still want that choice to be there. Regardless of how hard, how complicated it may be, I know that I was given the chance, rather the privilege, to make a choice for myself and defend that choice that I've chosen. No should be deprived of that chance.

By the way, do you know that having dimples is also an "abnormality" in the number of muscles in your face? And it still makes you cute, so who cares what/who is abnormal.

Thanks for asking!

Just Ask Anytime Now!


Kai said...

no it's not. It's genetic.

Anonymous said...

is this eliseo soriano who can answer all kinds of qestions from the bible?

Anonymous said...

This is Anytime Now. Tinatamad lang ako maglog-in. NOPE, an Eli Soriano I am not. And I don't restrict myself with things in the Bible.

Nadriamez said...

keep it up! :-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

look homosexuality i know is something that i never chose for myself... i knew i liked boys as young as grade school. it is hard being gay. people i loved rejected me for it. you have to take a walk in my shoes to fully understand what it's like to feel this way. i've always felt this way. you could put me in a room with the most beautiful women on the planet naked ready to have sex with me and i would have no sex drive for it. once you learn to accept yourself life is easier. i'm gay and you can either get used to it or get lost.

Anonymous said...

Homosexuality is a hormonal disorder. A man having sexual relationship with another man is abnormal because there is no extra organ or an indication for person to be a homosexual other than his feelings and behaviours. Homosexuals should not despised on account of their abnormalities but anybody who does acknowledge this as a defect is living in fool's paradise.

Anonymous said...

Of course homosexuality is abnormal.

If homosexuality were normal, the human race would have become extinct long ago. Homosexual people owe their very existence to hetero sexual people.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it could be the exact opposite. Recent studies have shown that being homosexual increases the fertility in other members of one's family. So homosexuality contributes to the survival of the human race in its own way, even if homosexuals themselves are less likely to have children of their own. But then again, this is a myth. Who told you that homosexuals are incapable of having children? Having sex in order to have offspring has nothing to do with having sex as a means of bonding with the partner you are emotionally and sexually attracted to.